Backlink Traffic Through Videos

One of the quickest way to backlink traffic to your site is through video. The most common video sites are YouTube, Vimeo, Youku to name a few.  These sites bring millions of viewers through their sites every hour.

You could use existing videos to help channel some traffic to your site.  But there will be instances where you will need your own unique video, such as when you are selling or demonstrating your own product or skill.

There are several ways to create your own videos. You can use your mobile phone or tablet to record videos or you can use software on your laptop to create the videos.

If you want to make some side income for yourself, you can offer your video making skills to online and offline businesses.  You can proactively identify businesses which can have better sales results through video by doing a sales pitch to them.  Alternatively, you can set yourself up as a supplier / resource in oDesk, Elance or Fiverr.  At time of writing, one software we have identified can be found here.

Here’s a short video of their product, called VideoMakerFX, to show you how effective videos can be.


You can find more information about the software, how to buy, what guarantee / warranty periods exist, cost and much more other information at this link

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